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Need help in hacking game

Hi guys. I trying to hack game: Evolution (https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/evolucia-bitva-za-utopiu/id774652325?mt=8) it realesed only in Russia appstore yet.

So i wanna hack health (coz gems and other resourses look like server sided)

i used GNU Debugger+iGG to find right adrees, then i see that in IDA Pro

__text:002D4990                 MOV             R12, SP
__text:002D4994                 STMFD           SP!, {R7,LR}
__text:002D4998                 MOV             R7, SP
__text:002D499C                 STMFD           SP!, {R6,R8,R10-R12,LR}
__text:002D49A0                 SUB             SP, SP, #0x60
__text:002D49A4                 MOV             R11, SP
__text:002D49A8                 MOV             R6, R0
__text:002D49AC                 STR             R1, [R11,#0x44]
__text:002D49B0                 STRB            R2, [R11,#0x48]
__text:002D49B4                 STRB            R3, [R11,#0x4C]
__text:002D49B8                 LDR             R0, [R6,#0xE4]
__text:002D49BC                 LDR             R1, [R11,#0x44]
__text:002D49C0                 ADD             R0, R0, R1
__text:002D49C4                 STR             R0, [R6,#0xE4]
__text:002D49C8                 LDR             R2, [R6,#0xE8]  #that adress i found using GNU
__text:002D49CC                 MOV             R1, #0
__text:002D49D0                 BL              sub_A25020
__text:002D49D4                 STR             R0, [R6,#0xE4]
__text:002D49D8                 VMOV            S0, R0
__text:002D49DC                 VCVT.F32.S32    S0, S0
__text:002D49E0                 VCVT.F64.F32    D2, S0
__text:002D49E4                 LDR             R0, [R6,#0xE8]
__text:002D49E8                 VMOV            S0, R0
__text:002D49EC                 VCVT.F32.S32    S0, S0
__text:002D49F0                 VCVT.F64.F32    D3, S0
__text:002D49F4                 VDIV.F64        D2, D2, D3
__text:002D49F8                 VCVT.F32.F64    S0, D2
__text:002D49FC                 VSTR            S0, [R11,#0x10]
__text:002D4A00                 MOV             R0, R6
__text:002D4A04                 BL              sub_2CA84C
__text:002D4A08                 CMP             R0, #3
__text:002D4A0C                 BNE             loc_2D4C70
__text:002D4A10                 VLDR            S0, [R11,#0x10]
__text:002D4A14                 VCVT.F64.F32    D3, S0
__text:002D4A18                 VLDR            S4, =0.0
__text:002D4A1C                 B               loc_2D4A24

I tryed different things, change SUB to ADD, STR R0 to STR R7, LDR to NOP. But game crash, or got ingame system error, or me and enemy dont attack at all...


I'm new at IDA hacking, so i ask help from you guys, what i need to change to give me "god mode"?

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